7 Things You Should Know To Stay Healthy In Monsoon

Monsoon is the most loved season in our country by all. It brings you happiness and showers after scorching heat in summer. However, the monsoon is also prone to bacterial infections. Here I am going to share the things you should know to stay healthy in monsoon.

The first rain and smell of wet mud give us a pleasant feeling. It gives us relief from the sun and grueling heat.

Monsoon makes the environment cool and your body more prone to health risks by reducing the immunity power of your body. Germs and bacteria in this season are much stronger and can get inside your body very easily.

7 Things You Should Know To Stay Healthy In Monsoon

The rain and water lying outside your home make it easy for flies and mosquitoes to breed and the danger of dengue and malaria fever increases.

Below are some tips to stay healthy and disease free in monsoon. Use these tips to kick those germs outside your body-

#1 A Big ‘No’ to Street Food

Those mouth-watering pani-puris and bhajias contain germs and bacteria upon them which can simply lead to food poisoning.

Rainy season is not the time to eat street food. These roadside foods can be contaminated. If you want to eat it, cook the same food at home in a clean environment.

#2 Avoid pre-cut Fruits and Vegetables

There are really high chances that pre-cut vegetables are covered with a layer of fungus and bacteria. Which can not only reduce your immunity but can break your immune wall easily. That will lead to high issues of health.

Stomach infections are always lead by this kind of fruits and vegetables.

#3 Have Green & Clean Vegans

Green and leafy vegetables are always good for your health. They build your immune system to fight against germs, bacteria, and fungus.

They are healthy to eat and provide your body the essential and required nutrients and vitamins to build your immune wall.

Eating them produces higher nutrient content in your body.

#4 Keep your Home and Surroundings Clean

There are many anti-bacterial cleaners that can be used at home while cleaning your home. These cleaner kills germs and keeps you safe in the rainy season.

You should also clean the surroundings of your home. And make sure that the water storing places around the home should be emptied soon, as the danger of breeding is more at these places.

#5 Clean up Every time You Enter Home from Outside

After every downpour, you should take an immediate bath with antibacterial soaps to avoid yourself from any infection. Rainwater can cause a serious skin infection as it contains acid in it.

Rainwater also led to lice in your hairs. So it’s better to take a complete shower. Small infections should not be avoided in such seasons as they can simply grow up to higher health risks.

#6 Carry your Own Monsoon Essentials & Drinking Water

You should always carry your own umbrella or raincoats and boiled water. Save yourself from fungus infection from downpour by using an umbrella.

And impure water can easily cause you dysentery, cholera etc. so prevention is always better.

A regular visit to your doctor is must in this season. Say no to street goals, juices, and ice creams. The most common bacterial infections during the Monsoon is Flu, here you can read our guide on Most Essential Home Remedies for Flu You Should Know.

Save yourself from these infections and enjoy rain to the fullest.

Happy Monsoon!

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