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Home Health Tips is an online platform, came into the existence to produce informative articles for the individuals who wish to acquire knowledge regarding home health remedies.

The following points will help you to understand our point of view, opinions and the practices we follow, related to the various things (such as (a) authenticity of the information produced on the platform, (b) use of digital content and (c) affiliate marketing etc.) we came across.

A) Authenticity and Reliability of the Information Produced on the platform

The content published on the website is intended to educate the readers in general and/or only for the suggestive purpose, nevertheless, not striving for the place of medical diagnosis provided by medical experts.

The information published on the platform curated after thorough research by the author and/or it could also be based upon the individual learning and experiences of the author. However, we never claim any absoluteness or endorse the accuracy or authenticity of the information published or produced.

And we always suggest readers/visitors consult with experts and take their advice before the implementation of any tips/advice/practice/method/remedy recommended on the platform.

Further, if any information produced, downloaded, linked or accessed from this platform proves fallacious, we may not own any liability related to the same.

  • The information provided on any page of the platform is intended to benefit to the individual/s but not guaranteed to be up to date. The platform intends to benefit the users with the information published.
  • We provide health information about the various home related remedies, with the purpose of being only informative about the medical problems of different kinds.
  • In no event shall the platform be responsible for any loss or damage or consequences, if any, resulting from the direct, indirect, correct, or incorrect use of this information.
  • In no event shall the platform be liable for any loss if any information is found to be in violation of copyright laws or infringement of intellectual property rights other than to remove the content (in question) from the Website.

The act of reading the content of this website means that the reader has read, understood and agreed to the above-mentioned terms and conditions of disclaimer, and thereby, cannot challenge the authenticity of the platform or information produced in case of any damages or consequences, by using the information.

B) Use of Copyright/Royalty Free Digital Content

We are committed to the use of Copyright Free Content such as Photos, audio and/or video clippings etc.

In any case, we do not intend to violate any Copyright law related to the use of digital content. We use the free photos/images, videos/audios available on various websites for the commercial and/or non-commercial purpose with and/or without modification.

We do provide credit (using the suggestive method) to the original author for the use of any digital content on this platform, only if it is mandatory.

However, we love to use the following sources for the Copyright free digital content

We use Images or Photos from 

  1. Pexels – pexels.com
  2. Unsplash – unsplash.com
  3. Pixabay – pixabay.com

We use Audio or Music files from 

  1. Soundcloud – soundcloud.com
  2. Bensound – www.bensound.com

We embed Videos from 

  1. Vimeo – vimeo.com
  2. YouTube – www.youtube.com

Icon used in Home Health Tips Logo 

  1. Icon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

We try to update our source list of the Copyright free digital content on regular basis. However, feel free to suggest any missing source we have used on this platform. You can connect with us via our contact page.

C) Promotion of Affiliate Products

On this platform, you may find the promotion of some affiliate products.

This is to clarify that, the recommended products or services may or may not be experienced/used by the author/s. However, we always try to recommend some good quality product, which may be relevant and helpful for our visitor.

In any case, if you purchase those products using the link/s provided on this platform, we may earn some commission for the same.

As this commission comes at no additional cost to you, thus, if you really liked the product/service, we request you to use our affiliate link for your purchase. This will help us to keep on going and producing valuable content to our readers for free.

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