5+ Ultimate Home Remedies to Get Black Hair Naturally

White or grey hairs in your ’20s make you look older and it’s the biggest nightmare for adulthood. Where in the ’50s it’s normal to have grey hairs but in ’20s and ’30s, it’s just not acceptable. And you know what, your healthy diet is the biggest reason behind it. This guide will help to learn some home remedies to get black hair naturally.

The main reason behind grey hairs could be, poor nutrition, deficiency in vitamins and minerals, hormones, medical conditions, stress, and pollution turns your hair color into grey or white.

Melanin is the color pigment which is responsible for the dark color of your hairs. If body stops producing it, your hairs simply turn white.

Now why the body stopped producing melanin?

There can be many causes for that too like diet, stress, chemical changes, pollution and lack of nourishment or using chemical based shampoo. It is always advised to use herbal shampoo or products and avoid ammonia based products as it is a bleaching agent which whitens your hairs.

Home Remedies to Get Black Hair Naturally

Below are some quick and easy remedies to get black hair naturally and to win your battle of graying of hairs.

#1 Use Henna Paste to Get Black Hair

  • Make a mixture of henna, 3 spoons of coffee, 1 spoon of yogurt and 1 spoon of fenugreek paste.
  • Leave it overnight and
  • Apply it on your hairs and leave it for 5-6 hours.
  • Wash with cold water later on.
  • Do not use shampoo.
  • It nourishes your hairs and gives you a shiny touch to your strands.

#2 Amla Juice – To treat follicular problems

Also known as Indian gooseberry is an excellent method for various hairs problems including premature graying and dull hairs.

It is rich in Vitamin-C and promotes hair growth and improves hair health. It treats follicular problems to prevent hair fall.

You can use amla oil or extract amla juice and apply it on your hairs. Wash after 2-3 hours.

#3 Apply Onion and lemon Juice

Onion is used as a remedy for hair problems since ages. It is scientifically proven that onion juice boosts up the catalase level. Which helps us to regain our natural color of hair strands, whereas lemon juice helps give your hairs a healthy shine.

  • Mix onion and lemon juice
  • Apply it to your hairs.
  • Let it rest for 1-2 hours and
  • Rinse it with a mild shampoo.

#4 Wash Hairs with Coffee or Tea

Wash your hairs with Coffee or Tea to get black hair naturally. It is easiest to use.

  • Leave coffee or tea overnight in the bowl full of water.
  • Apply it on your hairs the next morning.
  • Rinse them out with cold water. Do not shampoo.

For, brownish color in your strands – use coffee. or use tea for blackish color.

#5 Use Curry leaves with Oil

It increases darker pigmentation in your hairs. When curry leaves are used with coconut or mustard oil it works as the best hair tonic among all.

  • Boil curry leaves in the oil, then
  • Massages your hairs and scalp with this oil.
  • Leave it for an hour before rinsing your hairs.

#6 Apply fresh juice of Amaranth Leaves on your Hair

Amaranth is a vegetable packed with nutrients and it works great on reversing the effect of grey hairs by giving it back their natural color.

  • Apply the fresh juice of amaranth leaves on your hairs.
  • Let it rest for 2-3 hours and
  • Rinse it with cold water.

And the last tip for you stays away from chemical based shampoos and commercial hair dyes. They can not only damage your hairs but their toxins can kill you.

So use these remedies to get black hair naturally and say bye-bye to those grey hairs and share your experiences and tips with us. Similar to our other readers, you might also be interested in the hair fall treatment. Read our guide on the Proven Home Remedies for Hair Fall Control.

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