How to Stay Fresh In Summer

As summers arrive, we all get leisurely as there is a lot that can be enjoyed during this wonderful tine. We can get a lot of sun and activity during this time but there the hot sunny days can also pose a lot of health problems like dehydration, digestion related problems, heat stroke and skin issues. But these problems can be avoided by following certain dietary remedies.

Here are some fresh summer foods that are a wonderful remedy to keep the body cool and nourished during summers:

  1. Cucumbers: An ideal cooling fruit, cucumber has a lot of water content that help in keeping the body cool and fresh. Cucumber has enzymes that keep the intestinal tract healthy and it has vitamin C to help protect the skin from the ultraviolet rays. Cucumber also prevents sun damage and wrinkles. Thus consuming a cucumber salad everyday or cucumber juice during the summer days helps keeping one fresh in the hot days.
  2. Watermelon: One of the staples during summers, watermelon contains 92 percent water and this helps in increasing the fluid intake which keeps the body hydrated. Staying hydrated also keeps the memory sharp and also keeps the mood stable. Watermelon also has plenty of antioxidants and vitamins A and C which helps in reducing the risk and complications that arise from diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and arthritis. Consume watermelon juice daily or eat fresh watermelon as salad to keep the body cool and hydrated during summer.
  3. Sweet lime: One of the juiciest and most delicious fruit during summers, sweet lime is full of water, and helps the body in regaining water and electrolytes that are lost with sweating in summer. Sweet lime is rich in vitamin C, iron and copper and also aids in digestion. Sweet lime helps in preventing skin hyper-pigmentation, pimples and black spots and pimples during summer and also reduces sun tan. Sweet Lime juice can be consumed with salt and sugar to create a refreshing summer drink.
  4. Buttermilk: Being one of the most rejoiced and most consumed Indian drinks, buttermilk has a special place in the households of rural as well as urban India. After a long hot day, buttermilk helps combat dehydration, it is also packed with electrolytes that calms the stomach and aids in digestion. Buttermilk is extremely helpful in treating tiredness, sweating, muscular cramps, headaches and nausea and it keeps the skin healthy.
  5. Coconut water: It is no secret that coconut water is the healthiest drink and helps the body a lot during the hot scorching summer. Coconut water contains sugar and necessary minerals that replenish the vital body nutrients and also helps in losing weight by keeping a person full. Coconut water should be consumed empty stomach to help in keeping the eyes, lungs and blood circulation healthy.

So gear up for the coming summers by storing the above health secrets in plenty and do consume them daily so that you remain fresh and healthy during the harsh and hot months.

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