Top 7 Home Remedies for Eliminating Body Odor

During summer everyone worries about their body odor or smell. Sometimes, body odor is normal but in summer we face the unpleasant body odor problem and feeling very embarrassed at special point. This problem arises due to overactive sweat glands, unhygienic body, nutrient deficiencies, constipation and other types of diseases. In summer sweat mixes with our bacterial and creates a bad smell. Fortunately, we provide you Top Home Remedies for eliminating body order quikly.

  1. Clean Your Body with Antibacterial Soap:-In summer, if possible take bath two times because body order is created by bacteria. During summer our sweat glands becomes more active that causes our body start to smell and rashes appear also on our body parts.

You should use antibacterial soap.

Take shower if possible, and focus on your feet and underarms because it is the

Main area where body smell strongly.


  1. Perfumes or DEO or Body Powder: – We should use good quality of Perfumes or DEO or Body Powder to eliminate the body order. Sweating is good for you but extra quantity creates a problem

After bath you should apply DEO on your body for long time because it covers up the smell and stay fresh for

a long time.

To stop unnecessary sweat and instant smell you can use body powder or Perfumes (if DEO is not suited to

your  body).

  1. Rub your Armpits with Hand Sanitizer and Oil Blotting Paper: – Due to busy schedule, if you are stuck in traffic and you have to attend a meeting, then in this situation to get rid of instantly with body order, you should use hand sanitizer, it provides you relief, good smell and stay fresh. You can also apply Oil Blotting Paper on your armpits, if you are sweating heavily and your body smell is very strong. These paper absorbs the moisture and helps in the eliminating of body order.


  1. Shave Your Underarms and Wear Breathable Fabrics:-Both Men and Women needs to shave underarms regularly. Without hair your body does not creates a smell. It is necessary to clean the armpits to reduce the bacteria. Mostly, people wear the clothes with tight fitting, result in sweating, increases bacteria, rashes etc. So, it is necessary to wear a right cloth according to weather and air can be easily pass from your clothes. Right clothes soak the sweat properly and keep you fresh and smell free.


  1. Lemon Juice: – Lemon is the natural antibacterial and antifungal agent that maintain body’s pH level and prevent the odor producing bacteria.

Cut fresh lemon and apply lemon juice on your body smelling areas and

leave it for

Dry and then take shower.

Repeat it daily 2 times for removing body odor completely.

For sensitive skin, add water in lemon juice and repeat the above process.

  1. Vinegar: Vinegar is a natural antiseptic and best home remedy for removing body order. It kills bacteria or fungi that creates bad smell. You can use white or apple cider vinegar to eliminates the bacterial or maintain the body pH level.

Take a cotton ball and soak it into vinegar and rub your underarms. After 2-3 minutes, take shower. Repeat

twice in a day for better result.

Take a lukewarm bath water and add 1 cup of Vinegar and Soak it well for 10 minutes daily.

  1. Turnips: Turnips have special antibacterial properties that helps in the elimination of body odor bacteria. It has fraught with vitamin C and other special nutrients which helps in the fighting of bacteria.

Take juice of Turnip and apply this juice to your armpits and other problem areas.

Leave it for dry and then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Repeat it daily in the morning to keep your body fresh for long time.

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