Health Tips for Children – A Comprehensive List of Recommendations | 2019 Edition

Children are the most active and are therefore have the highest chances of contracting diseases. Since they go to various places and meet various people, therefore, they may get access to more germs and microbes than adults. It is thus important to follow certain health tips for children to ensure they are safe from the risk of various diseases and are healthy.

Health Tips for Children – A Comprehensive List of Recommendations

Below are certain health tips for children based on their age group following which may save them from falling ill:

#1 During the stage of Toddlers (1-3 Years)

This is the age when kids just start walking and are up to much mischief than ever in their life. Toddlers need special attention in terms of both nutrition and health. Here are certain health tips for kids that parents should follow to ensure they remain healthy and disease free:

  • Ensure kids eat frequently to keep them filled.
  • Set an example for healthy habits by washing hands and keeping the surroundings clean.
  • Turn them independent towards their food and play habits.
  • Ensure 10 hours of rest every day for kids.

#2 At the age of Preschoolers (3-6 Years)

This is the age when kids get ready for school and have a lot of mental activity to do. Preschoolers have to step into the outside world and need to interact with other kids. Have you admitted your child to a play school? Here you can read about the importance of playschool in your child’s life.

Apart from following the general health tips for kids, there are also certain nutrition tips to follow:

  • Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet.
  • Ensure they eat DHA in food to increase their mental health.
  • Ensure the proper milk in their daily diet, as milk boosts children health.
  • Increase their playtime to complement study time.
  • Keep them away from the dirty environment.

# Grow-up Days (7-12 years)

Children of the age group 7-12 years need to follow certain daily health tips kids their age can’t avoid. This is the age when they go to school and need to be healthier than ever. Following are certain tips to follow with these children to keep them fit enough to take the weight of school:

  • Include all vitamins and minerals in their diet.
  • Don’t let them eat a lot of junk food.
  • Avoid their inactivity and encourage them to go out.
  • Make them socialize more to reduce stress.

# Teen Ages (13-18 Years)

Teenage is one of the most difficult ages for children and needs special attention. There are many health books and magazines that suggest health tips for teens. Here is a comprehensive list of healthy tips for children in their teens should follow to ensure they do not become a victim of bad mental health:

  • Teenagers should drink ample water to keep their body hydrated to fight puberty based diseases.
  • They should avoid junk food to fight obesity and avoid the onset of acne and pimples.
  • They should maintain regular sleep to fight stress.
  • Exercise at least 5 times a week.

Since winters are the season when kids are more prone to get ill such as Pneumonia, cold and cough etc. Therefore, there are certain winter health tips children should follow like including immunity-boosting food and avoiding exposure to germs and microbes. Keep following this website and page for more tips.